Review: Brenton Brown – Our God is Near

Don’t know Brenton Brown?  You probably do and don’t realize it.  He’s from California via England via South Africa.  This is his fourth solo album.  It was released last year overseas, and it’s just now dropping in the US.

He’s the author of the worship favorite “Everlasting God” made popular by Chris Tomlin.

On this album, he co-writes with some other great worship writers (Matt Maher, Paul Baloche, & Jason Ingram).

When you know a worship album is written from the heart with the intent to bring glory to God, it’s really hard to say something negative.  

The lyrics are a bit predictable.  It doesn’t have an epic sound.  Knowing his history, you may hear one of these in your own worship service, but the likelihood is far less than with a project such as Hillsong or Passion.

The one track that  stood out to me was the second “Joyful”.  The verses are the lyrics for Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” mixed with his own.  It would probably mean more if Charlie Hall hadn’t done something similar a few years ago on the Passion Hymns album.

I’m giving this a grade of 3.  There’s nothing bad to report, but then again, there’s nothing outstanding.  If you’re a fan of his, then you’re probably already planning to purchase this and don’t need my opinion anyways!

Grade: 3

Track Listing

01. Our God Is Mercy

02. Joyful

03. We Lift You Up

04. Glorious

05. His Name

06. Arise and Sing

07. All I Want

08. Higher

09. Good News

10. All For You


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