Flashback Friday


Very few bands both active or disbanded have connected with me like Stavesacre. Their brand of heavy alternative/post-hardcore music is timeless. Starting with their Tooth and Nail Records debut Friction in 1996 until their latest effort, last years Against The Silence EP the band has put out numerous releases of the highest quality. Friction was a raw, heavy hardcore influenced rock album, with plenty of dynamics to keep the listener interested. Their ability to go from rocking out to quiet interludes was unmatched, even on their debut. Their sophomore release 1997’s Absolutes further matured their sound, bringing a flow to the songwriting that only maturity can bring. 1999’s Speakeasy was perhaps the bands highest point. It was an album that was more laid back than their prior work, also bringing a polish that made the album stick out from their first two albums. These first three albums are by far my favorite work of the band, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that their latter work, 2002’s Stavesacre, 2005’s Bull Takes Fighter EP, 2006’s How To Live With A Curse, or last years Against The Silence EP are anything less than solid, if not spectacular. Stavesacre helped to pioneer a genre, post-hardcore, and also wrote songs that were among the best in another, nu-metal. Stavesacre are simply legends in christian rock.


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