Review: Becoming the Archetype – Celestial Completion

Solid State Records
Released March 29 2011
Reviewed By Dan Allen

Becoming the Archetype has been doing their thing for awhile now, and they do it very well. With their sound deep in Death Metal they also aren’t afraid to try new and unusual things. I remember when I first saw the cover art for Terminate Damnation and thought to myself that this was either going to be really cheesy or maybe silly, but I was not prepared for what was about to attack my ears: very dark, very complex, very impressive metal. With every album since I have been amazed at how they are able to stay so true to their death metal roots, yet be so progressive and unique. Somehow their music makes you feel nostalgic and progressive at the same time.

Along these same lines we receive their latest release, Celestial Completion. There is so much going on in this album, but somehow it all ties together in Becoming the Archetypes beautifully dark style. I’m sure I heard some trumpets at one point, the album makes good use of the piano, there is some voice distortion, some opera singing, there are very heavy aggressive parts, but there are also some really haunting quiet parts, songs speed up and slow down, and the vocals go from harmonious singing to screaming to guttural growling. Somehow songs feel like they could be independent albums, yet the album flows perfectly and makes a great solid unit. Lyrically we see the same depth and complexity as in the music. In “Path of the Beam” the singer juxtaposes the hopelessness of the world with the promise of “freedom coursing through our veins.”

By far my favorite song is “Elemental Wrath” which is the second of three parts of “Requiem Aeternam” and it will seriously knock you back. The music blasts in after the soft piano from the previous song and then the vocals come in with a very disturbing electronic distortion. The song is about the curse of death being lifted from humanity and the intensity of the song matches the lyrics well. There is a nice breakdown toward the end where the piano comes back in and there are some haunting sounds going on then the drums and guitar come back in with driving force to transition to the next and last part of “Requiem Aeternam” (which has some opera type singing going on!).

Grade: 5

1. The Resonant Frequency of Flesh
2. The Magnetic Sky
3. Internal Illumination
4. Path of the Beam
5. Music of the Spheres Requiem Aeternam Pt. 1
6. Elemental Wrath Requiem Aeternam Pt. 2
7. Xenosynthesis Requiem Aeternam Pt. 3
8. Invisible Creature
9. Cardiac Rebellion
10. Reflect Refract
11. Breathing Light


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