Review: Ironwill – Unturned


Blood and Ink Records

Released March 29 2011

Reviewed By Dan Allen

There is so much music out there and so many ways for a band to reach an audience that there is little room for mediocrity if a band wants to stand out among such a large crowd. Unfortunately mediocre is the most appropriate word to describe Unturned, the latest effort by Augusta, Georgia based Melodic Metalcore band, Ironwill.

With Unturned being touted by Blood and ink Records as an album that proves Ironwill is “a force to be reckoned with in the world of melodic/metallic hardcore,” I was hopeful that this album would be hard hitting and maybe offer something exciting to fans of this genre.

Unfortunately (but not surprisingly) what I heard did not even remotely live up to these very promising statements by the record label. Everything sounded fine, but nothing more. Although I would say the drumming was the best part of the whole album, it was only decent, loud and consistent, but not great. The guitar work is uncreative and boring, even during “Sri Lanka,” the instrumental, and the few guitar solos are not even worth listening to. The singing is all very straight forward with little to no variation in style. There were several places that I thought some nice melodic singing would fit in nicely with some of the breakdowns, but that never happened either.

The lyrics are very two-dimensionally “Christian” by which I mean they talk about “Christian” type things but lack a sense of connection with the person singing them. A good example is found in “Visionaries” where the singer is praying to God to “Help me cast my fears aside and look to You for answers and guidance. Take my worldly desires; eradicate every lust. Replace them with faith; replace them with trust.”  Most of the content of the album is about fighting against sin, which is almost a cliché topic for “Christian” metal bands.

If you are looking for some ‘G’ rated melodic metalcore Unturned is certainly that, but ultimately this album is destined to get lost in the heap. It isn’t bad, it just isn’t great. It isn’t anything that will stand out in the history of heavy music. It’s like all the mechanical elements are there, but there’s no life in it.

Grade: 3



2 responses to “Review: Ironwill – Unturned

  1. fullsweep May 13, 2011 at 6:05 am

    Referring to this CD as “metalcore” shows how this review misses the point. Dig a little deeper. Hoping for melodic singing over breakdowns would make this release stand out? Dig a little deeper. This is hardcore done pretty darn good.

  2. connormo19 July 7, 2011 at 10:41 am

    This hardcore at it’s best*

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