Interview: FM Static

PhotobucketCMZ’s Cara Fisher talks with Trevor McNevan about FM Static’s new record, songwriting, and what he orders at Tim Horton’s.

CMZ: Your new record is called My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go. Why did you go with that title?

It’s actually based off the title of a song that I had written for the new record. It’s basically about every time we stop and over think this stuff we feel we’re supposed to do, instead of just doing it. It’s kind of about that child-like faith, you know? Just having that blind faith sometimes where you can’t see the ground before you step, but you feel like you’re supposed to head that way. So, kind of using your faith to guide you.

CMZ: What was the inspiration behind “Black Tattoo?”

McNevan: “Black Tattoo” is a song that is like a few other songs we’ve done with TFK in the past. For instance, we have a song called “Look Away” that shares the same subject matter, and they both are very inspired by emails and letters we’ve gotten from people- pouring out their hearts about some deep, dark secrets that they really feel like they have no one in their life that they can share this with. For us, they’re a constant reminder to realize that, that there’s so many people that don’t have that person to share that stuff with at all. So we’re so very humbled and honored that they would feel like we were that person for them. So this song is very much inspired by those letters. It’s the story of girl kind of in detail going through an abusive relationship.

CMZ: What’s your favorite song on the record?

McNevan: My favorite? Man, it was a fun record to make, so that’s tough. I think my favorite one would be “Lost In You.” As far as, just kind of being close to the heart; it’s an honest worship song.

CMZ: So who was involved with the recording process? Was it just you and Steve Augustine?

McNevan: Yeah, I produced this one with Aaron Sprinkle, like My Dear Diary, the last one. Steve tracked all his drums at home in his home studio. FM Static is still just Steve and I, and we have friends play other instruments, whoever’s around at the time. So yeah, it was so much fun; this record was an inspired record to make, and I feel that way when I listen to it. There was no pressure, nothing forcing it to be something it wasn’t. It’s not a concept record; it was about making a fun record, and writing that came out naturally. It’s a little more polished than our other records, a little more Top 40. It just felt right for this record.

CMZ: When you write a song, do you intentionally set out to write a song for a specific project, like a song specifically for either TFK or FM Static?

McNevan: Yeah, most of the time- I’m a full-time songwriter; I write for other bands and stuff, so I’m always working on that, and love it, totally love it. I usually have something in mind when I am writing. But kind of all the time when we’re touring and flying and driving and everything, I always have either my phone or a voice recorder on me. Kind of always putting ideas down constantly, and some of them work their way into different projects. But I’d say most of the time it’s kind of like thinking of a specific project when I’m writing it.

CMZ: The FM Static bio mentioned that you have an extensive CD collection. What were some of your most recent purchases?

McNevan: Let me think… I actually just bought, literally today, they’re another Canadian band from the same area called Sum 41. And I just picked up their new record. Yeah, I do have a bit of a CD collection [laughs].

CMZ: Will FM Static be touring?

McNevan: Some, right now I don’t know what and when. With the TFK schedule, it’ll probably be tough to plan that. But yeah, we will definitely be supporting it in anyway we can, and we’re working on a lot of stuff for film and TV as well.

CMZ: Can you tell us a little bit about the upcoming TFK live record?

McNevan: Yeah, we’ve been waiting forever to do one, and so it was- we just wanted to kind of make sure we could do it right and holding out to try and make it what we wanted to make it. And so, we started about eight months ago, and it’s been this long process of putting it together with everything going on, but we’re excited about it finally releasing. It’s called Live At The Masquerade, and there’s a live CD in there as well. We shot it at the Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. It’s where the Edmonton Oilers play, the NHL team, and being Canadian that was pretty classic. It was a special place to play for us. It was pretty fun; there were like 20,000 people, and it was sold out. We brought a lot of fireworks for sure.

CMZ: My friend, whose husband is from Canada, wants to know what you order at Tim Horton’s [coffee shop] when you’re there.

McNevan: Nice! I am a two-cream, one-sugar kind of coffee guy at Tim Horton’s. It’s so funny that you ask that! I always do everything bagel-toasted with cheddar cheese.


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  1. Micah April 5, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    Yes! Live CD along with the DVD! :D

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