Full Review: Tim Hughes – Love Shine Through

Label: Kingsway

April 19, 2011

Reviewed by David Huey

Tim Hughes has been around for a while.  He’s the author of the much loved song “Here I Am To Worship”.  He doesn’t have a dynamic voice, but writes some solid songs.  Most of his music isn’t dynamic and anthemic, although the last two songson “Love Shine Through” have touches of this.
Like Matt Redman, he comes from England. Also similar to Matt, his voice & delivery are understated but carry a big message.
In the second cut “God Is Coming”, I love the line, “here You come, running to find me”.
The next song “Never Stop Singing” has a great catchy chorus. He sings “Once and for all the price is paid, we can’t stop singing.  Amazing love has won the day, we’ll never stop singing.  We’ll shout it out, we’ll live it loud, we can’t stop singing your praise”.
“At Your Name (Fovever)” describes people worshipping the name of Jesus both here on earth and in Heaven.  It’s quiet, worshipful, almost devotional.  I usually try not to read the press release before I review an album.  It was no surprise that Martin Smith produced the album.  The song “Wake Up” would’ve fit nicely on a Delirious album.
It’s hard for me to criticize a worship album.  Let me simply say, there are other artists that I prefer a bit more.  There’s a few songs that stick out, the most are typical worship songs that you’ve heard a thousand times.  As with most worship leaders, I’m sure if you hear Tim live, you’ll appreciate this much more.  Giving this a grade of 3.
1. Counting On Your Name
2. God is Coming
3. Never Stop SInging
4. Saviour’s Song
5. All Glory
6. At Your Name (Forever)
7. Jesus Saves
8. Love Shine Through
9. Keep The Faith
10. Wake Up
11. Ecclesiastes
12. At Your Name

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