Review: The Red Airplanes – Proclaim


Released April 25 2011

Reviewed By Tyler Hess


It is a well known fact that if you paint something red, it goes faster.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask any eight year old boy and he’ll explain the logistics.  I suppose that is why you can have a band like The Red Airplanes come out with music that lyrically rivals that of a worship artist like Leeland or Phil Wickham, but aesthetically matches up closer to the side of House of Heroes.  You paint it red and it looks prettier and goes faster.  Those are just the facts.

The Red Airplanes formed way back in 2004 and have come out with three full length albums, all of which are self titled, but colored differently, perhaps an idea taken from Weezer?  I don’t know, but somehow this EP has given them the inspiration to actually aptly title it “Proclaim”.

Proclaim starts off with the title track and is one of the most aggressive of the six songs on the EP, flooding ears with a heavy misture of pop and alternative rock, while detailing a need for a daily walk with God over a perfunctory Sunday morning relationship.  Showing just a little bit of a pop punk attitude, “Until The Sun Burns Out” is one of those songs where I just want to know how long until churches find this acceptable to play on a Sunday morning.  Need some encouragement to really get into worship in times of despair, “Sing Like You Mean It” is there for you.  Need something of a ballad mixed in?  Well, “Blood of Jesus” is in there for good measure.  Want a hymn?  Well, “How I Love You” might do the trick.  How about something pushing toward indie folk rock?  “Call My Name” closes out the EP just that way.

When I’m looking for something that I want to actually listen to, it is usually found with bands that zig when you think they’re gonna zag, that juke me out of my shoes and leave my ears with a twisted ankle.  I like it when not everything sounds the same.  If you’re the same way, The Red Airplanes latest work is calling your name.

Score: 4/5


  1. Proclaim
  2. Until The Sun Burns Out
  3. Sing Like You Mean It
  4. Blood of Jesus
  5. How I Love You
  6. Call My Name

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