Review: Mr. Coldstone- Elevator


Fadacy Music

Released May 3, 2011

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

After a decent introductory EP, Mr. Coldstone is back with “Elevator.” Ice cream jokes aside this debut album starts off great with a good intro and title track. The first highlight comes at “Till The Wheels Come Off;” a metaphor that isn’t new but is pulled off nicely with the help of Je’kob from The Washington Projects. The best track of the album is “Angle On It,” with a head-nodding beat and a tight delivery by Coldtone & Applejaxx that won’t get out of my head.

Unfortunately, after the next track (F.A.D.A) the album tends to go downhill. For example, the letdown of a chorus on “Life This, Like That” and “Tommy Gun” and the almost-cheesy cadence during “Soldier.” Despite being a pretty good song, “Girlfriend: World,” discusses a topic that has been done much better before by many other artists. Thankfully “Stand Tall” redeems the later half of the album with a sound that almost sounds like it could come from a Rob Hodge album.

While I expected a knockout album from Mr. Coldstone after his pretty good EP, the latter half of the album just brings down the quality for me. But there’s one thing this emcee shows he can accomplish, the delivery of the Gospel through a unique flow, hard-hitting production, and skillful wordplay.

Grade: 3.5


  1. Intro
  2. Elevator
  3. Till The Wheels Come Off ft. Je’kob
  4. Angle On It ft. Applejaxx
  5. F.A.D.A
  6. Like This, Like That
  7. Tommy Gun ft. Dreamz
  8. Girlfriend: World
  9. Real Life ft. Trini
  10. Stand Tall
  11. Soldier

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