Review: Ark Of The Covenant- Separation (EP)


Strike First Records

Released on May 10, 2011

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

“Good God!”

“Yes, that’s just what the Hebrews thought.”

While I couldn’t resist a quote from Raiders of the Lost Ark, I will say that this introductory EP from Ark of The Covenant has a lot going for it and can hopefully please any metal aficionado. You love banshee shrieking? You got it. Are you into the lowest of the low gurgle screaming? It’s got that too. What about your ordinary hardcore yelling? Of course. “Separation” has got that all and a bag of killer breakdowns!

Despite covering ground with musical skill, the biggest turnoffs were the varying pitches of screaming that my ears just aren’t accustomed to (despite being an avid metal-head). If the band just stuck to the run-of-the-mill hardcore vocals then “The Book Of Life” and “All The Inhabitants Of The Earth” would’ve been knockout performances. Thankfully “Locusts Look Like Horses” is my personal favorite and “Separated” is a nice worship/spoken word outro that’s similar to For Today. If you like your hardcore nasty and brutal this is the EP for you. For me, this just didn’t work out for me.

Grade: 2.5


  1. The Introduction
  2. The Book Of Life
  3. All The Inhabitants Of The Earth
  4. Locusts Look Like Horses
  5. Separated

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