Review: Cortni – The After Party

C2 Records

Released May 10 2011

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

I’m sure that some of you are cool enough to be invited to parties, so you may not have to associate Cortni’s new album with whatever the silver screen tells you about such events, but I do what I gotta do.  The After Party bursts out of the gate with the title track that does exactly as it implies, bringing the party with a look to the next life, where Heaven is the best party that we could ever imagine.  “Alone With You” follows heavy with guitar riffs and a sound reminiscent of the Christian pop rock scene of the 90’s in a prayerful scene.  Then there’s the Miley Cyrus-esque pop song titled “Chase Me” and the soulful ballad “God Knows”.  Despite a title that would indicate nothing but dance beats, Cortni’s The After Party mostly calms down pretty quickly, especially after the first few pop songs are out of the way, even with a heavy use of synthesized keyboarding.  The songs are generally, unsurprisingly, juvenile in lyrics, but fun enough for the younger crowd that would be into acts like Paige Armstrong, Kylie Jean or Jamie Grace.

Grade: 3


  1. The After Party
  2. Alone With You
  3. Change Me
  4. Dream Big
  5. God Knows
  6. Love Is Always Waiting
  7. Ruin Me
  8. Sunshine
  9. Trophy Man
  10. True Love
  11. Walls of Glass

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