Full Review – John Waller – As For Me And My House

Label: City of Peace Records
Release Date: May 3, 2011
Reviewed by: David Huey

Most people probably know John from the movie “Fireproof” and his song “While I’m Waiting”. For me, it goes back a bit further. About 12 years ago I attended a college ministry called Crosswalk in Woodstock, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. Tony Nolan who many people know from speaking at the many WinterJam events was the college and singles pastor and John Waller and his band According To John played most nights. I spent so many evenings listening to these guys.

He’s since moved on from According to John to leading worship at a church in Colorado. This is his second solo release.

I haven’t really got into an album of his since his first major label release, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. From the first few seconds of the opening track “Our God Reigns” his voice is unmistakeable.
The music has matured and no longer has the almost boy band harmonies backed by jangly guitars. Now, his music fits right at home on your local Christian radio station.

Even more nostalgia flooded my mind as I played “Count It All” which uses some lines from his old song “Nothing Back” (one of my favorites off his first release) combined with some new lyrics.

One thing I’ve always loved about his music is so many of his lyrics are pulled directly from Scripture.

The songs “Marriage Prayer” and “Bless Us and Keep Us” both slow the pace down towards the end of the album and are simple prayers.

This isn’t the style of music I typically get into, but the flood of old memories make it a cool album for me. If you’re a fan of John’s old band According to John”, or really enjoy typical Christian pop radio this is for you.

Score: 3.5 of 5

1. Our God Reigns Here
2. As For Me and My House
3. Yes
4. Because God is Good
5. Somebody Else’s Story
6. Count it All
7. Man of the Valley
8. The Jesus I Needed
9. The Marriage Prayer
10. Fallen
11. Bless Us and Keep Us


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