Review: Skribbal- The Dishes Are Done (Mixtape)


Epigone Music Group

Released December 13, 2010

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

To review a mixtape is to receive a free selection of songs from an artist that I usually wouldn’t have had a chance to listen to before. That being the case with Skribbal’s “The Dishes Are Done,” it doesn’t have a big tracklisting of songs to listen to but it is a good album nevertheless. While “Wither” has a very weak chorus and “New Day” is an acoustic jam session that doesn’t fit, the mixtape isn’t without some underground skill. Specifically, the title track and “Somethin’ Real” can easily please fans of Othello or Lampmode’s roster. Despite a few missteps, this is worth a look for any underground hip hop listener.

Download Here for Free

Grade: 3


  1. Oh Buddy!
  2. Press ft. Slug of Atmosphere
  3. The Dishes Are Done
  4. Empowered ft. Micah Schaffer
  5. Wither (With Her)
  6. Hip Hop (Just Ain’t The Same)
  7. My Girl
  8. Somethin’ Real
  9. Heavy-Metal Name Droppin
  10. New Day

One response to “Review: Skribbal- The Dishes Are Done (Mixtape)

  1. Joe Smith May 16, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    Downloaded this today. I disagree on what was said about “Good Day.” The song is, honestly to me, the most sincere and personal song on the mixtape. Other than that, review is spot on. “Oh Buddy” and “Hip Hop” are dope.

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