Label mates Farewell Flight and Deas Vail join forces to release a split EP available digitally on June 7 from Mono vs Stereo.
EP tracks:
1. Deas Vail – Sixteen
2. Farewell Flight – Out for Blood
3. Deas Vail – Gone (exclusive)
4. Farewell Flight – Ten Steps In (exclusive)

Farewell Flight’s ‘Out for Blood’ is from the album of the same name coming out on July 12. Deas Vail’s ‘Sixteen’ gives you a sneak listen of what to expect from their upcoming self-titled album release coming out on September 6. Farewell Flight’s ‘Ten Steps In’ and Deas Vail’s ‘Gone’ and are exclusive tracks only available on this EP.

Hear the single ‘Out For Blood’ at youtube.com/farewellflightmusic

“Meet Farewell Flight. The album ‘Out For Blood’ will change your life if you let it” – says Matthew Thiessen of Relient K
A&R for Mono Vs Stereo

Farewell Flight’s ‘Out For Blood’ is the fourth release from Mono vs. Stereo, a partnership between Gotee Records and Relient K.

‘Out For Blood’ Track Listing:
1. Sailor’s Mouth
2. Begin Again
3. Over
4. Out For Blood
5. American Will Break Your Heart
6. Cruel
7. Widower
8. Indianapolis
9. Phones
10. Rope
11. A Lullaby For Insomniacs
12. Slow

Harrisburg, PA melodic indie-pop rockers Farewell Flight look forward to their debut CD for Mono vs. Stereo ‘Out For Blood’ produced and mixed by Grammy-winners Mitch Dane and Vance Powell, available digitally and at tour stops starting July 12. Comprised of singer Luke Foley, bassist Robbe Reddinger, lead guitarist Brian Campbell, and drummer Marc Prokopchak Farewell Flight has played nearly 700 shows from coast to coast over the last five years and has no plans of stopping, the band strives to impact others with intelligent lyrics and smart song structures, while providing a stirring live performance that resonates with any crowd.


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