Free Download: Red Cord Records Sampler – Heavy Summer Meltdown

You can download it over here.  Check out the tracklist…

1. Phinehas – I Am the Lion (from the album thegodmachine, available 7/19/2011)

2. Day of Vengeance – Horseback Riding In Arabia (from the album He Who Has Ears, available now)

3. Your Chance to Die – Requiem for the Blessed Damned (from the album Suscitatio Somnus, available 8/16/2011)

4. A Past Unknown – What If You’re Wrong (from the album To Those Perishing, available 7/19/2011)

5. Righteous Vendetta – The Dawning (from the album The Dawning, available now)

6. Not One Is Upright – The State vs. The Librarian (from the album God Is Not a Watchmaker and The World Is Not Ticking, available now

7. Joliet – Buried Alone (available late summer/early fall 2011)

8. Milosny – Battle Line (from the album Babylon, available now)

9. From the Eyes of Servants – Bridegroom (from the EP El Elyon, release TBD)

10. NoLoveLost – Are You Here To Join The Party? (from the album Without Beginning, Without End, available  5/31/2011)

11. Nigh Is the Hour – Key On The Tree (from the album Moments, available 5/31/2011)

12. Above the Abyss – Complexity Is Chaos (from the album Yeah…. That Just Happened, available 6/21/2011)


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