20 Reasons Why I Should Blog Vs. Why I Blog

I ran across this archived blog article at tentblogger the other day and thought I’d compare my reasonings for running CMZ to why other people might blog.

1.  You like writing: I love writing.  The funny thing is that I hated English class in school, but apparently it was mostly because I didn’t have very many good English teachers.  It wasn’t that I was particularly bad at it, I did take AP English in high school, it just wasn’t exciting to me to be reading books that I had no particular interest in.

2. You want to write a book: Can’t say I haven’t thought about it.  I can say it would be a lot of time consumed for what wouldn’t make me very much money, if any.  I won’t totally rule this out, but it isn’t high on my priority list at this time.

3. You like to journal, but you want more: I like the idea of liking to journal. Every time I start a journal, it dies after a few weeks.  There doesn’t seem much point to journaling if no one is going to ever read the words.  It is a bit therapeutic, I suppose, but I guess I don’t need that kind of therapy every day.

4. You want to provide updates to family, friends: My family doesn’t even read this. We have facebook and cellular telephone devices for that.

5. You need to update supporters, better than a newsletter, email: I don’t have supporters, maybe I should get some of those.

6. You like technology: I do, but I don’t think that is super relevant.

7. You like helping people, sharing experience: This is actually a big one. I started this website for one reason, which we’ll get to later, but I continued it because I liked sharing with other people our love for Christian music and the artists who make it and connecting with people on all sides of the equation.

8. You want to connect with similar, like-minded people: That pretty much goes along with number 7, but yes I like connecting with other believers about things regarding our faith and this is a way of going about that.

9. You are bored: This is the one.  This is why I started it in the beginning. I had a job that didn’t consume a whole lot of effort or time to actually do, so I killed time with this site.  I’ve continued for other reasons, as I said, but boredom can either lead to sleep or activity.  For once I went with activity and now we have CMZ to keep us company.

10. You love education: I would be a college student for life if I could.  I love academics.  I love learning. I may get to go back to college someday, but for now one way I can keep my brain sharp is by investigating things in Christian music and writing reviews as if they were book reports.

11. You own a small business:  Not until this becomes a small business I sure don’t.

12. You own/work at a large business: Not until CMZ becomes the next big thing I sure don’t.

13. You want to promote something: I don’t want to just promote anything, I want to promote Christian music. Why? Because I believe that in promoting the work of other believers that it in turn is helping them promote Christ, in one way or another.

14. You need to express yourself creatively: Absolutely. Have you ever had a soul draining job? I’ve had many.  I need CMZ in order to save myself from considering that the most important thing I do all week is a meaningless job that could be filled by any other desk jockey.

15. You want to become an expert: This kind of came upon me without intention.  People now ask me for my expertise. I have no idea how that happened.

16. You want to change the world: No.  I want Jesus to change the world.  You know when people say “Be the change you want to see in the world”? Bogus. Ghandi said that. Ghandi died wishing he knew Jesus.  I want Jesus to be the change He wants to see in the world.  If I were so great I wouldn’t have needed Him to die for my sins.

17. You want to stay knowledgeable in your field: Not until this is officially my field does this make any sense.

18. You want to make money: That was never the goal when I started CMZ. Maybe one day we’ll be able to turn a profit somehow, but hopefully only so that we can do what we do even better.

19. You want to have fun and entertainment: Absolutely. Fun and entertainment are a bit over rated in our society, but I do enjoy that aspect of covering what I cover.  This website is a lot more work than any of you might imagine, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t fun times, especially when I get to hear amazing new music for the first time.

20. You want to manage, control your brand: I could never top Nike’s Air Jordan brand, I don’t have the vertical

21. You want to ___________: This was a throw in to seek comments on why else one would blog. In the end, I want this blog to glorify God and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sometimes I do that better than others.

So these are the reasons I do or do not blog.  What are your reasons for reading this blog?


4 responses to “20 Reasons Why I Should Blog Vs. Why I Blog

  1. Travis G May 19, 2011 at 9:32 am

    The reason for reading this blog is because this is possibly my favorite website. Without this site I would never had heard of some of my favorite bands. So, thank you.

  2. Tyler Hess May 19, 2011 at 11:05 am

    thanks Travis, thats super nice of you to say, hopefully we can become more people’s possible favorite website over time :)

  3. Kiwi May 19, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    Well, I like the site, of course, and I love getting updates about bands I’ve slowly gotten more and more into, but mostly I like the attitude of the site. I just went back and read some of your answers, and yeah. That’s why.
    (And also the Twitter is very entertaining.)

  4. Tyler Hess May 19, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    thanks for the input, Kiwi :)

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