Review: Transparent- D.O.P.E.

Photobucket Records

Released on May 30, 2011

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

Not officially a sophomore album, Transparent’s “D.O.P.E.” is a non-mixtape (if that’s an appropriate term) that is full of tight production and lyricism, but is still a surprisingly hit-or-miss project. While an off-kilter chorus or flow could be to blame for many of the songs, when Transparent gets it right it is pitch-perfect. The bangin’ “Freezin’ Faces” and “Round Here” are definite highlights in addition to the bookends “Ready 4 Whateva,” “We On Top,” and “Miseducation” that start and finish the album flawlessly. Now I’m curious what Transparent has got up his sleeve for his official album #2.

Grade: 3


  1. D.O.P.E.
  2. Ready 4 Whateva ft. Black Knight
  3. Be Me
  4. Skyscraper Dream ft. Black Knight
  5. Next In Line ft. Kia
  6. Freezin’ Faces
  7. Round Here ft. Black Knight
  8. Ok!
  9. LIFERs (LifeNation) ft. Sky Manzanetti
  10. Tomorrow ft. Melina Watts
  11. Oo Oh ft. Young Rell
  12. We On Too ft. Black Knight
  13. Miseducation

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