Review: Dynasty- Truer Living With A Youthful Vengeance


Strike First Records

Released May 24, 2011

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

So true is Dynasty’s honestly named “Truer Living With A Youthful Vengeance.” Their Strike First debut is chock full of a half-hour of raw West Coast hardcore. While it is hard to differentiate between tracks (as usual in the genre), the highlights I could pick up include “Worthless Will,” “Demolish Strongholds,” & the closer “Sitting Back.”

Musically this is pretty standard but it surprisingly made my head nod on every song minus the useless interlude “Alpha.” While I would’ve loved a guest spot from anyone in the Facedown roster, this album clearly ranks up with Overcome and Gideon’s equally impressive hardcore albums released earlier this year. Gideon still edges up on the top of the list, but with the rest of the year to go the future looks bright for bands like Dynasty.

Grade: 4


  1. Worthless Will
  2. Voice Of Truth
  3. Wisdom Is Supreme
  4. Triumph And Truth
  5. Alpha
  6. Back To Life
  7. Demolish Strongholds
  8. Way Of The Wolf
  9. Dangerous Minds
  10. Sitting Back

2 responses to “Review: Dynasty- Truer Living With A Youthful Vengeance

  1. rich June 6, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    alpha isnt actually an interlude if you knew anything about dynasty you’d know that its their intro

  2. Tyler Hess June 6, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    do you mean its their intro for shows? because it is track number 5 on here…so…on the album that would make it an interlude by definition

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