Indie Spotlight Review – Haydon Spenceley – Heart Strings

Released November 22, 2010

Reviewed by Justin Monsewicz

Haydon Spenceley’s Heart Strings, the follow-up to Circles, applies both synth-pop and synth-rock vibes to the album. The first two tracks on the album result in fast tempo and high energy, but the majority of the album after the first two tracks seems to mellow out and slow down, which is great honestly. The reason for this is that the lyrics within the album could be heard in a contemporary setting despite the music itself being different that customary.

Spenceley’s vocals and his music are both reminiscent of the Newsboys, such as in “Lay it Down.” Two things that seem to be themes throughout the album are Spenceley’s ability to craft songs that seem to be from the perspective of God, such as “Crying”, and also his ability to write in such a way where he is open and transparent to the listener. This last theme makes the album a pleasure since it makes it easier for the listener to relate and gain something from the album in its entirety.

Passionate lyrics, openness, and overall worshipful lyrics make this album a good listen. It may take a little while to get into, at least for me it did, but once you start to enjoy the album, it is definitely worth it. If you’re looking for a worship experience that may be different from your norm, this album is worth a listen and is definitely for you.



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