Flashback Friday


One of the fun things about diving into music from a different era is seeing how releases that were popular at the time have aged. One of three things can happen, 1.) An album that was considered great, will still be considered great, thus making it a timeless release. 2.) An album considered great at the time, sounds dated and cheesy years later or 3.) An album that was passed over because it wasn’t trendy, ages well and becomes more relevant with time. Obviously the majority of releases fall into the second category, while the truly great fall into the first, and the truly artsy forward thinkers make up the third. The reason I started this edition of “Flashback Friday” with this subject was something that happened on my website from an album that I featured this week. That album was Watusi by the band Silage. While I think the album and band still hold up well, I’m obviously in the minority from the feedback I received, so my point in doing the “Flashback Friday” on them is to also get the readers of CMZ’s opinion on this. I first discovered Silage in the summer of 1997. They were featured in an issue of 7Ball magazine as one of the top up and coming bands. That article coupled with heavy radio play of their lead single “Watusi”, and the release of their upcoming album by the same name, had me very interested in checking this band out. As for Watusi, it was an eclectic hybrid of alternative, punk, ska, funk, and hip-hop. It truly was a snapshot of the anything goes creativity/mentality of the ’90’s rock scene. Songs like the title track, “My Car Makes Me Sin”, “Blue Igloo Cooler”, and “Drop Some Names” are still very much enjoyable to me to this day. The band released their follow-up in 1999 titled Vegas Car Chasers. The album eliminated all of the punk, ska, and funk influences and settled on a pop-rock/hip hop sound. The album was a much more mature release, but in my opinion lacked the fun energy it’s predecessor had. The album also suffered from a lack of standout tracks, however it did flow very well showing a cohesiveness that didn’t exist on the debut. After Vegas Car Chasers the band called it a day, changed their name to Parkway and released an album that didn’t make much of an impact. After the Parkway release, the band called it a day for good. Unfortunately the band never quite lived up to the hype, however they did release two solid albums. Two albums that are more than worthwhile to check out.


One response to “Flashback Friday

  1. Andy K May 30, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    I love Silage. I use to have Watusi on cassette. Great band!

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