Review: Tedashii – Blacklight | Christian Music Zine


Reach Records

Release May 31, 2011

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

After a brief hiatus and 2 teasingly-epic singles, Tedashii is following up his sophomore Identity Crisis with an even more diverse and mature album called Blacklight. While I worried that the Tron-like cover would make the album seem like a rip-off or even corny, rest assured the hype for this album is highly deserved.

Riot kicks off the album with a sound and vocal effects eerily similar to Tron, but while many people hate the work done to T-Dot’s voice I like it just the way it is. It’s the same Tedashii you’ve heard before but it will surely impress newcomers when they overhead this first track. Rock A Bye Baby switches to a rock-sound that surely isn’t the nursery rhyme we all know while the 2nd of many a highlight comes with Need It Daily. It’s got the sound of a standard Reach Records song but a surprise comes with Can’t Get With You where Tedashii’s voice goes to the lowest we’ve ever heard. It’s one of those songs that could’ve bombed if released on his first album, but T-Dot’s flow is so accomplished that it becomes one of the album’s biggest and riskiest successes.

That Will Be The Day tricks me into thinking it will be a standard slow jam, but Tedashii delivers once he starts 30 seconds into it. The same feeling comes through with This Is The Life and it’s jazz sounds that doesn’t overdo it. Not to mention Sho Baraka’s poetic feature is unexpected and goes perfectly with the pianos. Last Goodbye is hands down the most tear-jerking, touching, and emotional songs on the album. I can relate to what Tedashii is saying about having loved ones deployed overseas and I’m sure a lot of listeners will connect too. While none of the tracks aren’t good, He Lives is probably the weakest for the fact that it sounds like it could’ve been on F.L.A.M.E.’s Recaptured. However Go Until I’m Gone revisits a collaboration that I don’t hear too much of, Tedashii & Thi’sl together. Their voices and flows just work together, plain and simple.

While Get Up is just hot and Burn This House Down is another rock-influenced track that’s pretty good, another surprise comes in the decent Finally with guest artists Shane and Shane. Their share of the song isn’t necessarily weak just the sound of the song in general, but I hope fans of the duo are more inclined to listen to hip hop now. You Know What Is Is and Dum Dum are crazy good but I’m sure some will get annoyed with the repetitious beat on the latter. The final two tracks finish Blacklight on a slower note, with Reverse comparable to Lecrae’s Background and Bravo as a celebratory and encouraging end to a great album.

If you were get any hip hop album so far released this year, look no further. Diverse, challenging, and mature Blacklight is Tedashii’ best album and well worth a purchase.

Grade: 5


  1. Riot
  2. Rock A Bye Baby
  3. Need It Daily ft. PRo
  4. Can’t Get With You
  5. That Will Be The Day ft. Jenny Norlin
  6. This Is The Life ft. Sho Baraka & L2
  7. Last Goodbye ft. Benjah
  8. He Live ft. F.L.A.M.E. & Jai
  9. Go Until I’m Gone ft. Thi’sl
  10. Get Up ft. S.O.
  11. Burn This House Down
  12. Finally ft. Shane and Shane
  13. You Know What It Is ft. K.B. & PK
  14. Dum Dum ft. Lecrae
  15. Reverse ft. C-Lite
  16. Bravo ft. J. Paul

One response to “Review: Tedashii – Blacklight | Christian Music Zine

  1. R&B June 2, 2011 at 5:42 am

    Rock A Bye Baby is a really rocking song; I love the song…

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