Are We Serving Your Needs? How Can We Help? | Christian Music Zine

I’ve been thinking a lot about Christian Music Zine lately.  I’ve been thinking about how we can make this better, how we can make it into a community that serves Christ.  I realize that this is just a website to most people, but to some of us it is the body of Christ coming together to be united in something we love, which is music created by people who believe in the same Savior as we do.

The answer that seems to be hitting home to me is that the only way that this can work is if Christian Music Zine is a service.  Not a self-serving thing where I get what I want and you all beg for the scraps, but one where we are all fulfilling Christ’s words in Matthew 20:26 where He says “whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant”.

How do we do that?

Duncan Phillips of Newsboys fame said something on twitter that just made sense to me.  His thought was that “A servant is someone who gets excited about making someone else successful!”

So that is what I have to ask myself and what I hope you will ask yourselves, am I excited about making someone else successful?

I guess to answer that I first would have to ask who I would want Christian Music Zine to make successful?  The answer is much more complex than you would think.

The first answer has to be Jesus Christ.  I don’t believe for a second that I am the one that is going to make or break the success of Jesus Christ, but I absolutely do believe that I can be a vessel of His for good in that He can use me and He can use you for His purpose according to His will.  I want to be used by Christ to proclaim His name and His Gospel and I want Christian Music Zine to be a part of all that.

The second answer is you.  You come to this website to read it for a reason.  It may be because you like reading up on the news or the interviews or reviews that we post.  Whatever the reason, I think it is mostly because you are interested in the music that is made by Christians because you are probably a Christian if you are reading this.  I want to serve you by providing you with this information so that you are informed on how you can both support artists and be supported by artists with their music and the love of Christ.  That is all included in being part of the body, edifying each other with Christ’s love and the Spiritual gifts that He provides.

The third answer is the people that make the music that we love.  This isn’t just the people who sing and play instruments, but the managers and techs and bus drivers and publicists and label owners and staff that all work together to give us the service of music.  This is a desperate time for the music industry and most of our favorite artists struggle to make it financially.  For every Tobymac or Skillet that headline in front of thousands of people every night, there are ten bands that we love that can barely afford to eat when they are on the road.  Anything that we can do to help them is a blessing and I believe that they truly appreciate any kind of support.

The final answer is me.  I know that I said that I didn’t want to be self-serving, but what I do want is to be great.  What I mean by great is that I want to be a servant to the body of Christ.  Christian Music Zine is just one outlet for me to do that and I want to do it with the best of my ability.

So how can we do this? I appreciate all of your feedback and you can either write a comment below, email me at or talk to me on twitter @cmzine.

One last thing…it helps tremendously when you recommend us to friends, either by re-tweeting an article or posting something on facebook or your blog or whatever, the more people that get involved the more we can do with this.

Thank you so much everyone

Tyler Hess

Editor, Christian Music Zine


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