Flashback Friday

Squad Five-O

Squad Five-O was one of those bands that I didn’t really “get” until after they disbanded. Sure, I enjoyed Bombs Over Broadway and What I Believe, but for the most part I didn’t listen to the band all that much. That has changed immensely in the past year. The first time I heard of Squad Five-O was a few months before their debut, they had an ad in a christian rock magazine advertising them as ska without horns. Being a big fan of ska I passed, thinking that it was just some inferior version of The O.C. Supertones or Five Iron Frenzy. The bands debut, What I Believe was far from second rate. The album had more in common with blistering punk rock than it did ska. Punk with ska influences would be an apt way to describe the album. The next year, 1998, the band released their follow-up album Fight The System. The album was very similar to the first, but with an even lessened emphasis on the ska influence. After Fight The System the band left their label, Bulletproof Records and signed with christian rock kingpin Tooth and Nail Records. The band underwent a major change to both their image and their sound on their next release 2000’s Bombs Over Broadway. The band explored a new glam punk direction while also delving into southern rock at times. Tragically a little over a year later, the attack on the twin towers happened. The similarities in the song and the album cover were very much apparent, leaving the label no choice, but to release an alternate cover. The band out of respect did not play the song on tour after the tragedy. In 2002, the band released a self-titled album that took the sound of Bombs Over Broadway and made it a little heavier and a little more raw. After Squad Five-O the band’s contract was sold to mainstream label Capital Records. Squad Five-O released their final album 2004’s Late News Breaking to increased fanfare. The album was a continuation of the sound explored on their previous album. Late News Breaking is also widely considered to be the bands best album. Sadly, that would be the last we would hear from Squad Five-O. Who knows what the future holds, but for now we still have some very diverse, well done albums.


One response to “Flashback Friday

  1. Todd June 6, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    This is another one of those bermuda triangle bands. They just kind of quietly vanished. There’s quite a long list of bands that seemingly disappeared in the late 90’s early 00’s. Of course that wouldn’t happen today with facebook and twitter to keep fans constantly updated on a bands “status.”

    Anyways, S5-0 was a great band. I’ve never listened to there pre-bombs over broadway music but B.O.B. and everything after was awesome. I’d definitely agree with your take on “late news breaking”, its my favorite Squad album as well.

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