Interview: MyChildren MyBride

PhotobucketIn an email interview with CMZ’s Cara Fisher, MyChildren MyBride frontman Matthew Hasting catches us up on what the band’s been up to and what’s to come...

CMZ: You just finished up a European tour back in March. How was that? Had you guys been to Europe before? How do the European crowds compare to crowds in the U.S.?

Matthew: It was SO awesome. We went on a short tour back in 2008, and have been fighting to go back since! It took a lot of work for us to finally cross the pond again… there were a lot of complications for us that kept us from going over sooner. Once we heard that it was set in stone, and with our good friends in The Chariot, we couldnt have been more happy! As far as the crowd difference, its almost like starting over… sure kids know your band, and there were a good amount of kids at each show, but with the language barrier on most of the tour, and the fact that our CD isnt distributed over there, fans arent as prominent as they are in the good ol’ US of A.

CMZ: Your lead guitarist Dan Alvarado recently left the band. How have you guys been dealing with that? Any plans to add a new guitarist to the band?

Matthew: Dan was an amazing friend, and to see him go wasnt easy, but couldnt have come at a more perfect time. He left right before our biggest time off in years… which has given us plenty of time to figure things out. We only had to play one show without Dan in Mexico. We definitely missed him more then ever that night!!! As far as plans for someone new… no one has come to mind just yet. Finding a new member is hard work! its not just someone who can jam your songs… when you’re living with someone 24/7 and spending weeks on the road with them, you learn a lot about people.

CMZ: In a few weeks you’ll be heading out on the Nocturnal Alliance Tour. What can you tell us about that? Will you be headlining?

Matthew: The Nocturnal Alliance Tour has been in the works for quite a long time now… not in a literal sense, but in the fact that us and Impending Doom have been wanting to co-headline with each other for a very long time now!!! We’re so stoked that its finally happening, and with some very good support bands too!!! MCMB and DOOM will be swapping headlining position every night.

CMZ: For those who have never seen your live show, how would you describe it?

Matthew: Well technically since ive never seen us live i dont know if i can give the most accurate account of our performance haha… No but we try to perform our music well. We dont sacrifice stage antics for song quality, but we also dont stand still. We want to give off as much energy as possible! Come and see us for yourself and let us know how we’re doing!

CMZ: What message do you want people to take away from your music?

Matthew: Well we are a christian band. So above all we want to spread a message of Love. Being the vocalist of the band, i always have the chance to shove my beliefs down everyone in the audience watchings throat… but i dont. We’re not one of those bands. I would way rather someone dig deep into my lyrics, and realize that the message is clear,and of a positive nature, reflecting what we stand for and believe in. Love > Religion any day of the week.

CMZ: Tell us about your new clothing line Vicious World.

Matthew: Vicious World is something Robert Bloomfield and I have been working on since late last year. Its a clothing line for us… I design every single shirt, with intensions of wearing it myself, not really to sell on the internet or at shows. We wanted to create a clothing line, where we would wear every single shirt…. not one cool shirt per line. Its for musicians by musicians… check it out ;)

CMZ: Are you working on a new record? How far along are you?

Matthew: We actually are! This whole break we’ve been emailing back and fourth across the country, working hard on getting most of our new record done. Im really stoked with how things are going. MCMB is getting heavier, and a lot cooler sounding in my opinion haha! If everything goes as planned we might be playing a new song on the Nocturnal Alliance tour! So come check us out!


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