Review: Deas Vail / Farewell Flight – Split EP | Christian Music Zine

Mono Versus Stereo

Released June 7 2011

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

Just a few years ago it seemed like Mono Vs Stereo as a label had breathed the last breathe and we would be without the highly underrated company that put out a few personal favorites of mine like House of Heroes’ Say No More and Last Tuesday’s Become What You Believe and Resolve.  Thankfully, Matt Thiessen and Matt Hoopes of Relient K struck a deal to do A & R for the Gotee Records imprint label and the music is starting to slowly pour back out of the Mono Vs Stereo faucet.

With albums set to come out from both Deas Vail and Farewell Flight over the next few months, Mono Vs Stereo saw it fit to use a little cross-promotional marketing for the two bands to get their names out.  The split EP features two songs from each band, with the first two being the singles and the next two being exclusive B-sides that didn’t make the album.

Deas Vail’s Sixteen starts off the EP  in their Copeland-esque manner as the feature song from their upcoming self-titled September 6th release, a track about youthful searching, with the lyrics “we’re lost and want to be found” being the focal point of the story.  Farewell Flight’s single and album title track for their July 12th release, Out For Blood is a little less happy go lucky, with the lyrics dealing with heavy topics of violence, sex and drugs.

Deas Vail starts the B-side portion as well, with their eerie and ominous feeling Gone, a confession of blame for a broken relationship.  Farewell Flight naturally follows it up with Ten Steps In, a song that reminds me a bit of the softer side of Jonezetta.

If this is any indication of what is to come out of these bands and this label in the near future, I’d think it is safe to say that we’ve got nothing to feat, as both bands bring it with both their singles and their B-sides, leaving little doubt about their potential to come out with solid albums later this year.

Score: 4


1. Deas Vail “Sixteen”
2. Farewell Flight “Out for Blood”
3. Deas Vail “Gone” – b-side exclusive to this split
4. Farewell Flight “Ten Steps In” – b-side exclusive to this split


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