Review: Tricia Brock – The Road | Christian Music Zine

Inpop Records

Released June 7 2011

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

It is not that unusual for a lead singer in a pop rock band to make a solo album, as Aaron Gillespie of The Almost proved earlier this year and former Newsboys front man Peter Furler is doing this week as well, so we shouldn’t have been that surprised when we first heard that Superchick’s vocalist, Tricia Brock, had decided to come out with something of her own.  People who can sing generally like to sing, so Tricia Brock coming out with The Road is not a huge surprise, but the product itself may be.

While Superchick is most widely accepted as an energetic pop rock band, it appears that Brock has decided to go on a completely different path than the one she’s been on before.  Dropping both the pop and the rock for what can’t be classified as anything but contemporary Christian music mixed with a worshiper’s lyricism, Brock has thrown us a curveball.

The Road starts off with “Breath of God”, showcasing Brock’s softer approach, with a song about the life only God can give. “Lean” follows with what is a common trend on the album as the words are directed to God in an act of submission.  A piano introduces “You Are My Shepherd”, before giving way to stringed instruments, which allow for the album to somehow actually get slower and softer from song to song.

“Jesus I Am Resting” brings us back a few decades to a time when hymns were beginning to transform into the typical worship song we might hear today.  “The Altar” is a rather deep and contemplative track among a collection of songs that are generally a little simpler.

If simple is your thing, then a song like “Impossible” may be your cup of tea, as it is a point of fact statement of faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the conclusion that all things are possible with Him.

When you hear that someone from a well known band is making a solo album, it can give you a tingling sensation because of all the build up, but it doesn’t always pan out like you would hope.  Tricia Brock’s solo debut walks the same tired path of contemporary Christian music, with few songs that evoke creativity or excitement from song to song.  There just aren’t any hits on here to blow the mind.

Score: 2


  1. Breath of God
  2. Lean
  3. You Are My Shepherd
  4. You Hear
  5. Jesus I Am Resting
  6. The Altar
  7. Always
  8. Impossible
  9. Everything In Me
  10. Overwhelmed
  11. Broken For Love’s Sake

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