We’re Doing A Compilation, Looking For Independent Bands! | Christian Music Zine

Update: Submission deadline is Midnight (Pacific) at the end of June 30th 2011.

It has been nearly two years since our last compilation was put out, so I figure we are long overdue.

We are looking for bands who are unsigned that want to get their name out by providing a free track to a compilation/sampler.

Here are the details:

The compilation will be called “Dependent State of Mind Vol. 1” Presented by Christian Music Zine.

The compilation will be provided for free and will be available exclusively at Christian Music Zine.

All bands must be “Christian” in that all band members put their faith in Jesus Christ.

Any track submitted must not be available on any other compilation or sampler.

There must be no cursing/foul language in the lyrics.  All tracks are subject to approval by Christian Music Zine’s editor.

There will be no compensation for the downloads, other than the free advertisement for your music.

All bands should be unsigned.  If a band is signed to an indie label and wants to submit a track, I will need permission from both the band and the label to put the song on the compilation.

How to submit:

Send the following in an email with the subject “CMZ Sampler” to christianmusiczine@gmail.com

1) Your band name

2) The name of the track you want submitted

3) Your website information (including band website, facebook, twitter)

4) The track you want to submit in MP3 format

5) Your authorization to release the track on the sampler

Depending on how long it takes to get tracks in and how many tracks are provided, the sampler should be released in late June or July.  If there are enough tracks submitted, there may be multiple volumes.


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