Greeley Estates Streams New Song On Alt Press – “Friendly Neighborhood Visit”

Their new album comes out August 2nd, titled “The Death of Greeley Estates”. Go here to listen to the new song. Read the press release below for more info.

(June 7th, 2011) Scene favorites Greeley Estates have premiered their new track “Friendly Neighborhood Visit” off their forthcoming record The Death of Greeley Estates out August 2nd today at The track represents months of hard work and a pitch perfect preview for what is to come from Greeley Estates. Vocalist Ryan Zimmerman recently spoke up regarding the new track and new record.


“This new record shows how our sound has evolved over the years. The song ‘Friendly Neighborhood Visit’ is a good representation of all the different elements we have tried to incorporate in the past few records. We wanted to get this song out early because we can’t wait to play it live!”


“Friendly Neighborhood Visit” will be available for streaming at


The Death of Greeley Estates hits stores and iTunes August 2nd, 2011 from Tragic Hero Records.


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