Review: Jonathan Jones – Community Group | Christian Music Zine


Released June 14 2011

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

One of my favorite things about listening to music and following the artists who make the tunes that I dig the most is seeing how they develop over the years, how they grow and mature musically, personally and spiritually.  I feel like I’m growing up with them.  Jonathan Jones has made more music than many may realize, as he’s been behind ten releases now, from his time as the front man for both Waking Ashland and the still kicking, but not touring so much We Shot The Moon.  Not sure just what to do next, Jonathan Jones decided to jump on the kickstarter bandwagon and see if his fans would help him start a solo career.  Enough people realized that life without Jonathan Jones singing new pop songs every other year just didn’t seem right and here we are.

Jonathan Jones put out a couple independent and completely under the radar albums back in 2009, so Community Group is technically his third solo release, which he sets the tone with a soft and slow keyboard led intro, titled Last Place, that begins the journey of looking at how life is turning out that will be a heavy theme throughout.

The older you get, the more tough times you have been through, something Jones addresses in his call for perseverance found in The Living Dead.  The first song provided for fans before release date was the quintessential pop song that makes this reviewer want to forget breaking things down just so he can enjoy the music.

What you’re likely to notice over anything else lyrically is that this is by far the most spiritually concentrated searching album that Jones has put forth to date, with a constant longing for the Spirit of God.  Where much of his prior work tossed in more songs about relationships, Community Group has more songs like My Faith, an anthem filled with desire and hope.

There’s also a few quirky songs in the bunch, like the title track shout out to the fans that supported the album in the first place, to Hey Andy, a track about convincing a friend to start up a band.

For those of you who have followed Jonathan Jones from band to band, you’re likely to be like me in that you already like his sweet voice and piano pop melodies that he’s carried throughout his career.  If you haven’t been around that long, it looks like you have some catching up to do.

Score: 4.5


  1. Last Place
  2. The Living Dead
  3. Duracell
  4. East Coast Feelings
  5. Community Group
  6. Vacancy
  7. Hey Andy
  8. Brand New Eyes
  9. My Faith
  10. Morning Light

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