Review: Aaron Keyes – Dwell | Christian Music Zine

Kingsway Records

Released June 21, 2011

I’ve seen Aaron lead worship a handful of times since he’s from my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.  As with most worship leaders, I think the experience of seeing them lead us into worship is so much more powerful when you’re there.  It’s usually very hard to reproduce that moment on a simple audio file.

Dwell is his 2nd major label release.  He’s previously  released Not Guilty Anymore with Kingsway as well as independently.  Aaron also had another independent album Because released back in 2003.

The thing I love about his music is it’s rooted deeply in Scripture.  As you listen, you’ll be reminded of so many verses.  It’s not vague random concepts, but deeply based on the Word.

Most Sundays, you’ll find Aaron leading worship at Grace Community Church in the heart of Atlanta.  His voice is soothing.  Most of his songs are keyboard/synth based.  If you’re looking for epic, building songs, you may want to look elsewhere.  There’s not a huge  energy in his radio friendly songs.

I love the lyrics in the 7th cut “Only Just Begun“.  “I can’t stand to stay where I am in these shallow seas… I won’t rest, there’s a fire in my chest to know you more”.  “Life Without My God” would have fit perfectly on a PFR album 10 years ago.  Coming from a PFR fan, that’s a nice compliment!

Dwell doesn’t sound like a typical worship album. It sounds more like a contemporary pop album to me.  I’m a big fan of worship, but this leaves me thinking of radio friendly music for your typical family Christian radio station.   If you love that stuff, definitely check this out.

Grade: 3


1. O My Soul

2. I Am Not The Same

3. Sovreign Over us

4. Song of Moses

5. Dwell

6. In the Name of God

7. Only Just Begun

8. Sinless Savior

9. Life Without My God

10. Raised Me Up

11. Every Knee Will Bow Down

12. Hope is Dawning

13. Lavish


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