Review: Sintax.the.Terrific and DJ Kurfu – Prince With a Thousand Enemies | Christian Music Zine

Illect Records

Released June 21 2011

Reviewed by Dan Allen

There are things that are good like bacon or peanut butter, but then when you put those things together they take it to a whole other level. Sintax.the.Terrific has been doing his thing for several years now with a couple really solid solo albums not to mention his presence in the hip hop super group Deep Space 5. With Prince With a Thousand Enemies Sintax is joined by DJ Kurfu who just happens to be the peanut butter to Sintax’s bacon so to speak.

Prince with a Thousand Enemies is a concept album loosely based on Watership Down by Richard Adams and it tells the story of humanity and God through the life of rabbits. It starts out with the three part story in Watership Beatdown. The first song as well as the songs starting each portion of the album features Kurfu’s sampling along with narration. The songs throughout the album cause the listener to think of important Biblical truths such as the humble being glorified in Of Venison Meat, the danger in blindly following in White Blindness, and God using fallen people in Your Brother Came Deceitfully.

Prince With a Thousand Enemies is a creative bomb with so many quality rhymes and beats it’s difficult to keep up with it all. It demands a second, third, fourth listen to catch all the meat it contains. The beats are captivating, many of which are reminiscent of seventies funk and old school hip hop, and the rhymes flow perfectly with the music. Sintax drops rhymes that are both on point musically and as commentary on humanity and culture. If you are looking for something that sounds like the current chart toppers in the rap industry this album is not at all for you, but if you are looking for something to bob your head to while being hit with some pretty deep lyricism then you will not be disappointed. It is refreshing and encouraging to hear such original and talented hip hop in a time when much of the industry is so cookie cutter and shallow.

Grade: 5


  1. The Notice Board
  2. Hard Going
  3. The Thousand
  4. Of Venison Meat
  5. A Thin Place
  6. The Blows
  7. Le Multi-Trackeur
  8. An Approaching Thunder
  9. Pimp My Hrududu (The Body Shop)
  10. The White Blindness
  11. Ultraviolet Honeycomb (After Hours Interlude)
  12. Your Brothers Came Deceitfully
  13. The Outskirters
  14. None of the Likes

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