The Best of 2011 – July Through December: #14: The Fold | Christian Music Zine

They may be as well known for their parodies as they are for their soothing pop rock melodies, but The Fold has made three solid albums over the last few years and we’re sure they’re about due for another one.

Here’s their bio:

The Fold is taking the future into their own hands with their latest independent release “Dear Future, Come Get Me.”

It all began with a magnet on a friend’s refrigerator in Atlanta, GA. The magnet read, “What would you do if you could not fail?” Suddenly, the concept for the band’s first independent album was born.

The album’s title track, “Dear Future,” is the cornerstone on which the album is built, according to Castady. “This album is about reconnecting with our dreams again. It’s saying, ‘Bring on the future. I’m done with the past.’”

After releasing two well-received albums on indie power label Tooth & Nail, The Fold decided it was time to go their own way. “Leaving our label could have felt like a big failure for The Fold, but it provided us the opportunity to tap into our unrealized potential,” says Castady.

The guys in The Fold are carving out a path for themselves in the competitive world of independent music. “We know our sound and we know what we can do well,” says Castady. “This doesn’t ever have to end as long as we have the passion to keep doing it.”

“Neverender” isn’t just the final track on Dear Future, Come Get Me. It describes the band’s whole outlook on their future. With their new creative independence, the Fold’s story is far from ending. In fact, it’s just beginning.


Check out the rest of the list here.


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