Review: Shonlock – Never Odd Or Even | Christian Music Zine

Aarow Records

Released June 21st 2011

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

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It should come as no surprise that someone would come out of Tobymac’s Diverse City band to do some solo work, with the talented group having shone under the bright lights for years.  Neither is it surprising that such an individual as Shonlock would use the opportunity to bring an eclectic mix of styles to one album, with each track bringing something a little bit different, walking that hire wire act of trying to have a cohesive sound without being afraid to experiment.

Shonlock’s Never Odd Or Even begins with a song titled “Something In Your Eyes”, an R & B/pop track that will be either his opener or closer for the rest of his solo career, plain and simple.  You may have heard it on the radio and not even known who it was, but it is a song that has been #1 on radio charts for a reason, it is infectious and anthemic to the core.

From there, the album takes twists and turns, mountains and valleys and goes through ups and downs that hardly resemble the single, which might surprise a few listeners.  “Could U Be” begins the slight new direction with an R. Kelly kind of tune with a slight use of auto-tune.  “Hello” is hardly a departure from something that could have come from the latest Newsboys album in a contemporary pop rock arena.

The genre flips not only go from song to song, but happen within songs, like “Simple Plan”, which mixes some hip hop hype with nu-metal in an early Thousand Foot Krutch or late Manafest album.

“Bet Ya House” begins the truest transition to the latter half of the album, which covers more straight up hip hop, with songs like “You Act Like” and “Scarred” that mind remind some listeners of Lecrae’s laid back style.  The album closes with the title track, fading into the sunset with the second most radio friendly song on the list.

When you’re surrounded with creative talent, it is hard to not want to break out with your own piece of art, which Shonlock has done with his label debut in Never Odd Or Even.  It may be a bit all over the map, but there is definitely a lot of talent and high production in him, making for an above average album.

Score: 3.5

  1. Something In Your Eyes
  2. Could U Be
  3. Hello
  4. Simple Man
  5. Bet Ya House
  6. Set It Off
  7. You Act Like
  8. Cheers
  9. Scarred
  10. Monsta
  11. Q2GO
  12. Get Free
  13. Never Odd Or Even

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