Free Download: IVM Presents “Ska Lives 2”

Our friends over at Indie Vision Music are putting out a humongous sampler of some of the biggest names out there in Christian ska and all for free! Go here for the download.

List of some of the bands on the compilation:

1. The O.C. Supertones

2. Dime Store Heist

3. Send Out Scuds

4. Blood and Water

5. Make Up Your Mind

6. PayPer Chainz

7. King Size Zero

8. Upstanding Youth

9. Just Like Josiah

10. October Light

11. The Insyderz

12. Sounds of Salvation

13. The Dingees

14. Good Weather Forecast

15. The Nova Ray

16. No Lost Cause

17. Against The Odds

18. Storming Stages and Stereos

19. Rejoice In The King

20. Tiki Joe and The Bamboo Band

21. Fight to Remember

22. Gunday Monday

23. The Waffle Stompers

24. The Resignators

25. Skamikaze!

26. The Losers of Today


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