Review: My Epic – Broken Voice (EP) | Christian Music Zine


Facedown Records

Released July 5th, 2011

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

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I wasn’t sure what to think when My Epic announced their new EP being an acoustic-take on b-sides from their last album Yet. But rest assured, the guys have brought one of the best EPs I’ve heard this year. The concept of this project can be summed up by vocalist Aaron Stone who says,” it’s about joy.” And you can pretty much feel that through the songs on Broken Voice.

After a quick intro, beloved is a cryptic yet beautiful song that leads into the highlight of the album. alone is basically a song about doubt and loneliness, wondering if Jesus ever felt alone, which he did at the cross when he was forsaken. The song is worth the price of the EP itself. The next three songs are pretty self-explanatory with deathbed about victory over death and the hope of eternity, lazarus about resurrection, and garden about reaping what you sow. However this EP keeps on reminding of Surrogate’s style of music but replacing their cryptic lyrics for words of hope, which is a good thing. The record comes to a close with the beautiful childbodybride and the simple but fresh take on a hymn on doxology.

A surprising and striking EP, My Epic has crafted a small collection of songs that I’ll definitely be playing a lot in the coming months. I know that this isn’t a complete departure from their signature sound, but I’m thankful enough that they decided to bring back these b-sides and turn them into a soothing masterpiece.

Grade: 5


  1. centuries
  2. beloved
  3. alone
  4. deathbed
  5. lazarus
  6. garden
  7. childbodybride
  8. doxology

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