Interview: Blindside

In an email interview with CMZ’s Cara Fisher, Blindside talks about their first release since their five-year hiatus…

CMZ: First off, please explain why Blindside decided to take a break.

Blindside: We decided to take a break for our families. We had been out on the road for a very long time and we needed to see life from a different perspective. Being in a band can become such a huge part of who you are – your identity. We needed to become someone else for a while.

CMZ: What is the meaning of the album title, With Shivering Hearts We Wait?

Blindside: We don’t really know what to expect from this new season. There is an expression in Swedish that says: fear mixed expectations. I think that is how we feel. There is a little bit of fear and a lot of excitement. It feels great.

CMZ: Tell us about the album artwork. How does it relate to the album’s concept?

Blindside: We basically told the guy who did all the artwork to listen to the music and read the lyrics, and just see what comes out. Once we started hearing his plans for it, we definitely felt that it was representative of the music and the visual thing we were going for. It’s a journey we hope the listener takes for themselves. We love “albums” the collection of songs and words and the artwork that goes along with them. We wanted to create something people could explore with the music.

CMZ: What is the meaning behind “Bloodstained Hollywood Ending?”

Blindside: I don’t want to over explain, but I guess you could say that a real happy ending always goes hand in hand with real sacrifice.

CMZ: What is the meaning behind “Bring Out Your Dead?”

Blindside: We all have dead weight inside us that we hide and carry around. Sooner or later that dead weight will start smelling like a corpse and we have a choice to hide it deeper and get consumed, or look it straight into the eye and deal with it.

CMZ: How are fans responding to the new album?

Blindside: Great! It’s amazing to take such a long break and have people still care. Then to have some people saying it is our best album is very nice to hear. Of course there are some saying we have lost the plot so who knows!

CMZ: I read that you demoed over 50 songs during your break. Have you considered releasing some of those as B-sides?

Blindside: Yes. A lot of those songs we were really happy about but they were just not right for this record. The plan is that a lot of those songs will see the light of day at some point.

CMZ: Any plans for a music video?

Blindside: Yes soon, very soon. Music videos have changed a good bit since we last made one, so we have some new ideas about what a video might look and feel like.

CMZ: Has Blindside been playing any shows recently? What are your tour plans for the fall?

Blindside: Yes we have been playing in Sweden and are doing some festivals over the summer. Then we are doing a 3 week US tour starting Sept 1st in the USA.


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