Interview: August Burns Red

In a recent email interview with CMZ’s Cara Fisher, August Burns Red discusses their latest album and Warped Tour…

CMZ: What is the significance of the album’s title, “Leveler?”

Matt Greiner: The title “Leveler” comes from Isaiah 26 where God refers to a road that is made level as a road for the righteous. I really liked the idea of God having the last say. The wicked and deceitful dirty up and compromise what God set out for good but, at the end of the day, all things living are returned to perfection.

CMZ: Is there a theme to the album?

Matt: No, the title and the artwork are somewhat synonymous with each other but the music and lyrics don’t have any sort of conceptual continuity. The artwork depicts a destroyed house with hens in the foreground representing the calm after the storm; life after death. Lyrically, the record is much like what we’ve written about in the past. We write from personal experience. We write about relative subjects through the scope of our faith in Jesus.

CMZ: What inspired the flamenco interlude in “Internal Cannon?”

Matt: JB wrote the music for “Internal Cannon.” Our wide array of influences inspire us to think outside the box and experiment with different sounds and styles of music. “Internal Cannon” is probably the most ‘different’ song on Leveler and I personally really enjoy the song because of it’s dynamics and unique style.

CMZ: What is the story behind “1/16/2011?”

Matt: Four high school football players from our hometown of Manheim, PA died in a tragic automobile accident on 1/16/2011. I played drums for the memorial service at my church and wanted to write about how the entire community came together to mourn the loss of four teenagers who called Manheim home. The song, “Boys Of Fall” is a song written about a community that comes together in the face of tragedy; it’s a song about revival.

CMZ: What is your favorite song on “Leveler?”

Matt: My favorite song is “Divisions.” We are playing it live on Warped Tour and it’s actually been my favorite song to ply as well!

CMZ: You’re giving away baseball cards with the album? Who came up with that idea?

Matt: Solid State Records, our label, actually proposed the idea to release baseball trading cards. I think it’s probably the coolest item we’ve ever sold and signed! Kids on Warped Tour are going crazy trading them and getting us to sign them at our merch table!

CMZ: Any plans for a music video?

Matt: Actually, yes! We have already shot two music videos for “Leveler,” both have yet to be released. We shot videos for “Empire” and “Internal Cannon.” We’ve seen the cut for “Internal Cannon” and I think everyone is going to really enjoy it! My 13 year old brother Bucky actually made it into the video as one of the extras. Sweet!

CMZ: You guys are currently on Warped Tour? Are you playing the entire tour?

Matt: Yes we are! We started the tour on June 23 in Dallas and won’t finish up the tour until August 14 in Portland Oregon.

CMZ: What’s the best thing about Warped Tour?

Matt:My favorite thing about Warped Tour are the shows. We’ve had great crowds every day so far and are so excited about how the crowds are reacting to the new material.

CMZ: Sheetz or Wawa?

Matt: Sheetz! C’mon now!


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