Compilation Announcement! Cover Art, Tracklisting, Release Date!

As you may know, we have been working very diligently on a couple things.  One is that Christian Music Zine will be receiving a face lift, which will take place very shortly.  The second is that in conjunction with the new website design, we will be releasing an absolutely FREE compilation titled “Dependent State of Mind Vol. 1”.  This free digital download will be released on July 26th, 2011 and will be available exclusively right here at Christian Music Zine.  Album art was done by CMZ’s own Dan Allen Sr.

Tracklisting : (Band Name – Song Name)

  1. Quiet Science – A Feast For Crows
  2. Stealing Scarlett – My Broken Lullaby
  3. Ben Kolarcik – Everyone Needs Love
  4. Pure Star Movement – Give It All To You
  5. Ryan Shelley – Sights & Sounds
  6. The Skeleton At The Feast – Lord, Put Me Where You Want Me
  7. Unshackled – Strength
  8. Rebekah Dennis – The Bridge
  9. Affliction Asylum – Draggin’ The Limp
  10. J. Douglas Wright – Straight N Narrow
  11. Seven Day Jones – Breathe
  12. Sarah Walker – Our Love Is Loud
  13. Jordan Riley – Catch Me
  14. Ursa Robotica – Pretty Mayhem
  15. Speaking To Lions – Sky Blue

3 responses to “Compilation Announcement! Cover Art, Tracklisting, Release Date!

  1. James Gregory July 18, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    Looking forward to this!

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