Flashback Friday


From the ashes of christian industrial legends Mortal, came Fold Zandura. Surfacing in 1995 Fold Zandura released their self-titled debut that same year, but it wasn’t until 1997 when five songs off of that album and a few more were released as Return on upstart label Sub*Lime Records. Return was similar to the bands work as Mortal, but with a more grungy pop-rock sound to even further highlight the electronic flourishes. Later that same year the band signed to Tooth and Nail Records imprint BEC Recordings and released their follow-up to Return titled Ultra Forever. Ultra Forever took the sound found on Return and further added a more refined pop sheen to the proceedings. Ultra Forever in my opinion was the height of Fold Zandura’s greatness. The album provided the band with a larger fan-base, further validating their art. After about two years the band released their final album King Planet which proved to experiment with electronic rock more. After King Planet, the band seemed to disappear, with member’s Jyro and Jerome even releasing more Mortal material. However the legacy that the band members; Jyro Xhan, Jerome Fantamilias, and Frank Lenz added to the sterling reputation of their work in Mortal will forever keep these guys as legends in the christian rock underground.


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