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Xist Music

Released July 12, 2011

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

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After the “fall” of The Ambassador and Da T.R.U.T.H. and their departure from Cross Movement Records, the question remained: “What would they do next?” Well thankfully after a hiatus of a few years, they’re back with new music with The Ambassador releasing his Stop The Funeral first. While I’m disappointed in the lack of CMR artists collaborating with him, the hype for this record was pretty high since it has been 3 years since his The Chop Chop: From Milk to Meat.

A-M starts off the album with what you would think would be an apology for his conduct a few years back, but on the contrary it signals the return of Amba. While it’s a southern banger you can clearly tell it’s the same guy we’ve heard years ago. Other songs that clearly remind me of his classic days include Get With Us, Bring You Out, and Trust In You. The R&B side of Ambassador also is on display with Mind Made Up and it’s blaring horns, Up Down’s encouraging message and interesting collab with Charmaine, and the great storytelling on Crumbs that reminds me of Knine.

With time comes change and Amba takes some risks with the more diverse tracks of Stop The Funeral. Pop Pop Pop will forever remind me of the TV show Community’s Magnitude and his catchphrase, “Pop Pop!” While it’s a nice change in pace after the album’s first few songs, I can see a lot of people not liking the flow, beat, and chorus of this head-nodding track. With Canton Jones and a song title like Favor, some might get the wrong impression and think the song will be about Amba and Canton bragging about their blessings from above. Surprisingly this isn’t so but the song is a good one nevertheless. The weakest songs are the ones where the creativeness just doesn’t work. As in Nothing Like Us’s cell-phone beeping throughout the song, Your Love’s bland guitar work, and Put It Down’s very weak chorus.

The return of The Ambassador is great one, but the thing that prevented this from being an instant classic is the reduced East-coast style that Ambassador is known for and the increase of more R&B & southern rap beats. While Amba’s classic approach can be seen throughout (especially the satisfying The Reunion Cypha), his delivery on every song is satisfying enough to this long-time fan. Now we can only wait to see what Da T.R.U.T.H. will bring to the table later on this year

Grade: 4


  1. A-M
  2. Get With Us ft. Sean Simmonds
  3. Mind Made Up
  4. Pop Pop Pop
  5. Up Down ft. Charmaine
  6. Favor ft. Canton Jones
  7. Bring Ou Out ft. Melissa T
  8. Talk This Way
  9. Crumbs ft. Jessica Reedy
  10. Trust in You ft. Mali Music
  11. Nothing Like Us ft. Ryan Stevenson & Charmaine
  12. Your Love ft. KJ-52 & Michelle Bonilla
  13. Put It Down
  14. The Reunion Cypha ft. God’s Servant, J.A.Z., Shai Linne, C-Lite, Cruz Cordero, & DJ-Wade-O

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