New Site Design Coming Next Week! (Signing Off For The Weekend Transfer)

Free Sampler Is Among Other Things Coming Early Next Week

As many of you know, we have been working hard behind the scenes on building up Christian Music Zine exponentially over the last couple months, not only increasing our viewership considerably, but also working on a new design.  More specifically, one of our own writers, Dan Allen Sr. has been working diligently on designing and implementing the new CMZ layout per my specifications.

I believe that the new web design not only looks a lot better, cleaner and easier to navigate, but it offers us a chance to do a lot more things.  One day, I would like to be able to do this website full time and devote my energy fully to serving this purpose of promoting the art of believers, which I believe in turn helps promote the Gospel.  Because of this, I plan on implementing non-abrasive, non-annoying advertisment to the website.  A guy’s gotta eat.  I’ve been doing this for about three years and never thought CMZ would amount to much, but I loved doing it (and still love doing it, even more so now) and would love to continue doing it in the near future.

So what else do we have in store for you next week?

Well, for starters, come Tuesday we will be offering for FREE a sampler of independent Christian bands and artists called “Dependent State of Mind Vol. 1”.  I had asked for suggestions one day and someone came up with the idea of “Independent State of Mind”, but my thinking is that although these artists may be independent of a major record label deal, we all need to be dependent on God.

Also, we will have part two of our coverage of Cornerstone Festival coming up next week.  Check out part 1 here as well as our coverage of Creation Festival here.

CMZ started mostly as a site where I wrote out reviews of albums I had purchased and that will remain an important part of the site.  Next week we will have reviews of Stellar Kart’s “A Whole New World” EP and Hillsong United’s God Is Able.

Those are just some of the things we have lined up for next week.  Don’t forget to check by our twitter page for updates and say hi to me on my own twitter and follow us on facebook!

I will leave you with this…a screenshot of the dummy version of what the website will like.  It isn’t fleshed out with our articles, but it is a general idea of what the site will look like next week.



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