Tyler Hess

 Hemet, California

 Editor, Christian Music Zine


 Top 10 Christian Bands: Bleach, Relient K, House of Heroes, The Classic Crime,  Emery, Anberlin, Children 18:3, MxPx, Ivoryline, Showbread.

 Dan Allen

 Portland, Maine

 Music Reviewer

 Also Runs: The Ekklesia in Southern Maine


 Top 10 Christian Bands: The Chariot, Listener, As I Lay Dying, Deep Space Five, Soul Junk, Marsill, Blindside, Danielson Famile, Project 86, Norma Jean

 Cara Fisher

 Perkasie, Pennsylvania


 Also RunsPhiladelphia & the Fringe


 Top 10 Christian Bands: Project 86, Eisley, Thrice, Brooke Fraser, As Cities Burn, Flyleaf, Bethany Dillon, Oh Sleeper, Showbread, Farewell Flight.

 David Huey

 Atlanta, Georgia


 Also Runs: Hungry For A Day


 Top 10 Christian Bands: Bleach, Plankeye, MxPx, dc Talk, Skillet, Demon Hunter, Value Pac, Reliant K, John Mark McMillan, Chris Tomlin.

 Justin Monsewicz

 Carrollton, Georgia

 Top 10 Christian Bands: Relient K, Close Your Eyes, Before Their Eyes, Haste the Day, The Almost, David Crowder Band, NeedToBreathe, Jamie’s Elsewhere, Owl City, Anberlin

 Matthew Alexander
 Conroe, Texas

 Flashback Friday Writer
 Top 10 Christian Bands: Living Sacrifice, Starflyer 59, Joy Electric, Stavesacre, Extol, Becoming The Archetype, Demon Hunter, Zao, Bon Voyage, Morella’s Forest.
 Theresa Taylor

 Columbia, Tennessee

Top 10 Christian Bands: Disciple, Red, Sanctus Real, Steven Curtis Chapman, Bebo Norman, Skillet, Jason Gray, The Normals, Paul Alan/Nouveaux.
 Anthony Peronto
 Eagle River, Alaska
 Top 10 Christian Bands:  Relient K, House Of Heroes, Project 86, The Classic Crime, Showbread, The Chariot, War of Ages, Demon Hunter, Anberlin, & Children 18:3

One response to “Staff

  1. Jonathan July 10, 2011 at 1:05 pm

    Not sure if you had a comment or question section but was wondering if anybody knew what was going on with Pillar? Essential Records does not have them on the artist roster any longer and there doesnt seem to be much going on their MySpace or page, just curious but I hope this is not a sign of another band gone.

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